Plating Rectifire

Plating Rectifire



Sun Electrical has a wide range of rectifiers for plating & anodizing applications up to 3000 A DC capacities. Sun Electrical offers all types of rectifiers commonly required for electroplating and metal finishing applications Sun Electrical electroplating rectifiers are available in automatic manual models. In automatic and model solid state electronic circuitry with motorized auto transformer is implemented. In manual model a tap selector Switch is used to select the required current and voltages.

Designed with high quality control and using best quality raw materials with state of the art technologies to save power, ultimate in saving production cost.
Sun Electrical rectifiers are available from minimum voltage of 1 volt, 1 Amp and up to 30V DC and 3000A current.      

Input Voltage      240 V AC + 5% in Single Phase
415 V AC +10% in Three Phase
Output Voltages           Up to 30 V Dc or as specified continuously variable from zero to maximum rated DC Voltage as specified.

Output Current
1 AMP to 3000 Amps DC
Type of cooling a. Air cooled
b. Forced air cooled
C. oil cooled

Insulation Class            
Class 'B' / class 'F'
Protections       Over load protection and short circuit protection at input with MCB / MCCB or HRC Fuses.
Temperature rise           Maximum 55 ° C above ambient and as per I.S. Specifications.

Sun Electrical Rectifiers are fitted with AC Voltmeter, DC Voltmeter and DC Ammeter.

Sun Electrical Rectifiers are fitted with high quality and over rated rectifier diodes to withstand overloads and momentary surges. High quality auto transformers are employed to maintain low losses thus achieving higher efficiency and power savings.

Sun Electrical electroplating rectifiers consists of an auto variable transformer, one step-down transformer, and bridge rectifier and protection system. Input AC voltage is fed to input side of variable Auto transformer. The output of auto variable transformer is connected to input side of step down transformer .Output of step-down transformer is connected to bridge rectifier to obtain required DC Voltages. Bus bars and all transformer windings are with higher grade electrolytic copper of 99.99 % purity.

Protection systems employed in Sun Electrical electroplating rectifiers consists of HRC fuses. MCB / MCCB. The rectifiers are also having various additional / optional features and protections like auto zero correction, auto trip OFF, single phasing prevention, electronic overload Protection, high input Voltage trip OFF, at high system temperature , programmable switching ON and switching OFF of the rectifier in selected timings etc. and as required by the customer.

Plating Rectifire
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Plating Rectifire
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